Go and Make

Bold as a Lion Ministries hinges its vision and mission on the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19 "Go and make disciples of all nations..."



This part of our vision and mission is where we GO into all Nations where others have not to spread the Gospel of Jesus.

This may look like Street Ministry, Church in the Park and International Missions. This is the Go Go Go. This is where we facilitate an opportunity for believers to step out and do Evangelism.



This part of our vision and mission is where we MAKE disciples by planting ministries and raising leaders.

This may look like churches, drug recovery, orphanages, schools, and online teaching. We may not have all of these up and running, but we feel called to plant them as God provides.


To Boldly GO where others have not, to spread the Gospel of Jesus to the Lost, Hurting and Outcast.

And MAKE disciples of all Nations by loving, restoring and training them up to defeat the devil daily by bringing the Kingdom of God with them everywhere they GO.



Equipping others for the Gospel by planting ministries and raising leaders that GO and MAKE disciples of all Nations.

Services and Outreaches

What are the Services and Outreaches that we have up and running as of now?

Online Teaching with Zach Speegle

Zach Speegle started Bold as a Lion Ministries in September of 2015 when he felt the Lord tell him to begin to share healing testimonies online via YouTube. Now Zach has begun uploading his Teachings at the Barracks Discipleship House. We upload one teaching per week. We try to offer both a video and audio format. This allows us to reach a much broader audience. Especially international pastors who stumble upon our website. We have had the pleasure of linking up with several international pastors that we get to pour into through this venue.

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The Barracks Men's Discipleship and Recovery House

"The Barracks" is a men's discipleship house for those who struggle with drug addictions and have hit rock bottom and are ready to submit to God. This 9 month program is designed to help men discover who they are in Christ and become overcomers in life. Here we train them in the renewal of their mind and spiritual warfare against the Devil and his schemes to destroy their life.

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Invite Zach/Hearts Ignite

We believe in the Great Commission of Jesus. Jesus told his Disciples, "Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." We want to equip and inspire believers everywhere to get out of their comfort zone and minister to the gospel to those around them.

If you would like to invite Zach to put on an event called Hearts Ignite, then contact us and schedule Zach to come and speak at your Church.

International Missions

We launched our first Missions Trip in October 2017. We visited India, Indonesia, and Kenya. We know that God is calling us to the Nations. As the Lord makes the opportunity and moves along other areas of our ministry to maturity, we will begin doing more mission trips more frequently. Also, we have a vision for bible schools to train up pastors internationally.

Next Steps...

If you are interested in serving in any capacity with these ministry opportunities by giving of your time, financial support, resources, or prayers then please feel free to contact us.

Want to Give?

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