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We hope that you are blessed in your hearing of God’s word. Below is a complete catalog of our discipleship and teaching. All teachings are available to download free of charge. We are supported through donations from anyone who is blessed by what they hear and would like to help us further our reach for spreading the Gospel of Jesus.

Zach & Sarah Speegle  Founder/Director.           “I have a deep desire to provide sound biblical teaching to the masses and inspire faith in the hearts of God’s people.”

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“Faith Shifts the Mountain. The Mountain should not shift your Faith.” -Zach Speegle

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Sermon Catalog

A list of all our Preaching & Teaching

Absolute Abandon
Pt. 1 – Faith Equals Total Surrender
Pt. 2 – Perfected Love
Pt. 3 – Absolute Abandon

Being Lead By God
 Pt. 1 – A New Direction

Faith, Love & Mercy
Pt. 1 – The Report of Jesus
Pt. 2 – Faith Basics
Pt. 3 – Do Something
Pt. 4 – Do Not Test The Lord
Pt. 5 – Compelled by Love
Pt. 6 – Maturing In Love

Faith Trumps Gifting’s
Pt. 1 – Given Authority
Pt. 2 – Process of Promotion
Pt. 3 – God’s Timing
Pt. 4 – God’s Will
Pt. 5 – Perseverance

God’s Integrity
Pt. 1 – Covenants
Pt. 2 – Job & Building On Covenants
Pt. 3 – Redemption

Keys For Promotion
Pt. 1 – Entrusted With The Little
Pt. 2 – Resist The Craving
Pt. 3 – Being Faithful With Your Talents

Overcoming Resentfulness
Pt. 1 – The Prison Of Our Hearts
Pt. 2 – Unconditional Love
Pt. 3 – The Weight Of Forgiveness
Pt. 4 – Love Takes Risks

Spiritual Gifts
Pt. 1 – Love Is The Key
Pt. 2a – Unity Is The Purpose Pt. 1
Pt. 2b – Unity Is The Purpose Pt. 2
Pt. 3a – Manifold Grace Pt. 1
Pt. 3b – Manifold Grace Pt. 2
Pt. 4a – Tongues Pt. 1
Pt. 4b – Tongues Pt. 2
Pt. 4c – Tongues Q&A

Taking Responsibility
Pt. 1 – Not A Victim
Pt. 2 – Master Your Flesh
Pt. 3 – Fatherhood  (Sexual Immorality and it’s affects on Society Research PDF)
Pt. 4a – Faith That Cannot Save Pt. 1
Pt. 4b – Faith That Cannot Save Pt. 2
Pt. 5 – Hypocrites

Walking In Righteousness
Pt. 1 – From Death To Life
Pt. 2 – The Ability To Please God
Pt. 3 – Righteousness Hinges On Love
Pt. 4  – Moved With Compassion

Why Do We Pray?
Pt. 1 – Boldly Approach God
Pt. 2 – Thankfulness Kills Depression and Unlocks Faith
Pt. 3 – Taking The Land
Pt. 4 – There Is An Enemy
Pt. 5a – God’s Will And Faith Killers Pt. 1
Pt. 5b – God’s Will And Faith Killers Pt. 2
Pt. 6 – Understanding And Expelling Unbelief
Pt. 7 – Fasting
Pt. 8 – Hold Fast
Pt. 9 – What Consumes You
Pt. 10 – Forgive Your Enemies
Pt. 11a – Protect Us Pt. 1
Pt. 11b – Protect Us Pt. 2

Other Teachings
Altars, Sin, Grace, And Repentance

Approval From Man Breeds Unbelief

Being Faithful

Created For Passion, Passion For Jesus

Do We Preach Half A Gospel?

Dominion And Authority Of The Believer

From Abraham To Jesus Pt. 1

From Abraham To Jesus Pt. 2

God Is Not In Control, But He Does Have A Plan

God’s Will To Heal Pt. 1

God’s Will To Heal Pt. 2

Hearing God’s Voice

His Thoughts Are Higher, His Thoughts Are Jesus

Holy Spirit Wants All Of Your Heart

Humility: A Key To A Life Of God’s Power

Initiative Matrix

Is Everything That Happens God’s Will?

Is Fate God’s Will?

Jesus Is Not A Liar: Lessons From A Withered Hand

Jesus Preached The Kingdom And Faith

Job & Remaining Faithful

Keys To Fighting Depression

Lazy Doctrine Of “If It Be Thy Will…”

Light Shines – Love vs Fear

Love And Peacemaking Pt. 1

Love And Peacemaking Pt. 2

Partakers Of The Divine Nature

Partakers Of The Divine Nature Pt. 2 – Doesn’t God’s Glory Kill You?

Removing Self, And Unbelief

Righteousness Of God Pt. 1

Righteousness Of God Pt. 2

Sacrifice Your Heart For The Call Of Jesus

Stop The Hate, Be The Revival

The Cost of Discipleship

The 4 Stages Of Recovery

The Gospel Of The Kingdom

The Significance Of Words

Unity Pt. 1

Unity Pt. 2


Walk In A Worthy Manner Pt. 1

Walk In A Worthy Manner Pt. 2

Walking In The Faith

Walking In The Spirit: Healed Knees

What If They Don’t Get Healed?

What’s Your Potential?

Why Healing Works