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What is My Contribution going towards?

Normally, when people go to rehab they pay $14k-$27k to get into a 30 day program. This makes it impossible for many people to get help.

Our program is a 9 month long Faith-Based program with a Therapeutic Community approach to recovery.

And we Charge NOTHING...It's FREE
But it's not free at the same time.
It cost money to operate.
Obviously, we cannot give the students the attention needed with volunteers alone.  It takes money to run the recovery home.

Expenses Include

Paid staff (yes our staff members have to eat too), beds, utilities, food, fuel, class, office supplies. 
We fully provide for students and it takes 24/7 supervision. 

Why does it take so much to operate?

Part of the reason for this is that addiction can be pretty nasty. Students who are coming straight off the street cannot be given money. So, they cannot contribute from their own resources.
In our experience, if students are given money, the temptation is too great and they go buy drugs. Statistics have shown that nationwide, relapse rates are 50% after one year of sobriety and it tapers down to 15% after 5 years.
Because of these facts, students are not allowed to get a job while they are in the program. So, we’ve thought it best to withhold money and job search until students graduate the 9 month program.

Then How to do we Fund our Operation?

Well, we take donations (which help us become more stable and properly staffed).
And our Students hand-make candles and air fresheners which we sell door-to-door and online. The sales of our products have accounted for 85% of our income. Ideally, we would like to have more donations come in because students cannot give a full-time effort to candle production and sales while simultaneously giving 100% effort toward program requirements. It's a constant balancing act to make sure nothing is compromised.
Students have a curriculum to complete, and we want them to focus on their studies more and get the counseling and attention that they truly need for healing and growth. Donations take the pressure off of fundraising and allow us to give more attention to the students. We've seen a dramatic difference in our ability to serve our students as our monthly donors have increased over the years.
If you make a contribution, you will be making a huge difference in the lives of the men we serve.


We also do mission work in unreached places.

We have recently planted 2 churches in India, a country that is classified as 89% unreached for the Gospel. In other words, there are 2.4 billion people in India that will never hear the Gospel preached to them unless someone goes to them.

There is persecution in these places and the pastors need much support in order to continue their work.

This last year in 2021 we saw 116 decisions for Christ.
in 2022 so far we have seen 129 decisions for Christ.